Ultimate Bubble native wrapper list

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Wrapper PWA
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Highly subjective recommendations by bubbleHacks

What is the best wrapper if I need advanced features like In-App-Purchases

BDK, Natively, or Codeless Academy. BDK is the most widely used service in the Bubble ecosystem.

What is the best wrapper if I need a quick and simple solution without advanced features?

Consider Nativator.

Should I use Jasonelle? It's free...

If you don’t have prior coding experience, I don’t recommend using jasonelle. The Bubble forum is littered with people getting stuck in the setup or having bugs.

What tool should I use if I want to build a progressive web app (PWA)?

Progressier is currently the best solution out there.

What costs will I have besides the Wrapper?

Apple developer account: USD 99 / year Google developer account: USD 25 one time Bubble subscription: USD 29 / month

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